Dr. Kaval Gulhati
Dr. Pawan Pathak, MD

Director: Program

What I love about SCHOOL: SCHOOL has multiple meanings, it means development, it means impact and it gives me a vision of an omnipotent structure where we turn into healthy and educated individuals and learn to contribute to nation building.

I bring: the capacities to address implementation level challenges at all levels so as to ensure effective program outcomes. With more than 14 years of work experience, I bring in a skill-mix of teaching, training and mentoring on health systems, service provision, and thematic subjects. Having worked extensively with the government of India, I have been involved in the policy formulation and policy guideline development. With my most recent tenure at the World Health Organization, I bring in deep understanding of global health issues.

My favourite book: I have two favourites ‘The Panchatantra’ and ‘The Alchemist’

Ask me about: How to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate social development programs and projects; technical teaching and training skills; liaising and collaborating; and planning for big funding

My role model is: My father