Dr. Kaval Gulhati
Dr. Anis-ur-Rahman, MPH

Associate Director: Program

What I love about SCHOOL: I feel that I am working with professionals that I can learn from and that they push me to take on new and challenging opportunities. I feel respected and valued for what I bring to the organization. There is flexibility to maintain work-life balance and everyone is supportive and always willing to provide their help and experience to accomplish assigned works.

I bring: I have always been a scrupulous professional. Throughout my post qualification professional history, my compassion has shown itself in my upbeat attitude and ability to comply by the task within given timeline. I strive to take initiative to support on thematic projects and day-to-day tasks to ensure timely deliverables.

My favourite book: The Wisdom of Whores.

Ask me about: Strategic planning on Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights

My role model is: Ken Saro Wiwa