Healthy Ageing

Adding Life to Years

‘Healthy Ageing’ Initiative in Pune City

Improving the health conditions and reducing disability among older people demands a commitment and shared responsibility.

SCHOOL implements a field implementation program in 2 slums of Pune city (Kasturba and Indira Vasahat, Aundh), where we work with 495 elderly women and men, with a focus on ‘intergenerational dialogue’ wherein the youths and adolescents work as volunteers and undertake visiting activities that include one-on-one dialogue, excursion walks and counselling for the elderly. We organize group sessions and activities that primarily respond to: 1. The queries on different government schemes and health issues  2. Interests and learning through activities that help in being more active and productive, such as Yoga, Dance, Music, Art, Trainings and Picnics


Work with the elderly to generate dialogue, create enthusiasm to be active and look after themselves, and garner support for the most vulnerable and needy.


  • Improve the status of older people and increase their feeling of ‘inclusiveness’ in the society.
  • Enhance awareness on the needs of older people and increase support through an intergenerational approach


  • Group sessions on Yoga, Health Care, Art and Trainings for Livelihood Generation
  • Visiting services: One-on-one dialogue; excursion walks; meetings and counselling sessions 
  • Maintaining tracking sheet of each elderly person and update the same on quarterly basis
  • Providing commodities: Diapers, Walkers, Hearing Aid and others
  • Linkages with the government schemes for health, livelihood, nutrition and pensions
  • Linkages with the public health system for all ailments
  • Monthly excursion visits/ picnics to nearby locations of interest (picnic with a concept decided by the elderly)
  • Organizing health check-up sessions for specific problems like NCDs, Eye-care and Orthopedic
  • Linkages with the old age homes
  • Advocacy meetings with the officials at all levels
  • Building community volunteers and community support mechanisms
  • provide friendship and companionship